30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf

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Hallelujah, cooler weather is here! I affectionately refer to it as “Sweater Weather.” It’s that time of year that it’s perfectly okay for me to wrap up in a sweater or scarf or combination of the two. I adore scarves, and I’ve acquired quite a collection over the past few years. I typically do not purchase new clothes every season, but I prefer to buy or make accent pieces that represent current trends. Scarves are exceptionally easy to make, and I make a couple every fall. My favorite scarf to make is this 30 minute infinity scarf. The tutorial is versatile, and I can create it to go with any outfit and customize it to my liking. Since plaid is EVERYWHERE this year, I’m making a few plaid infinity scarves with fabric from my stash.

30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD

I have had a yard of plaid wool fabric in my stash for a few years. I’ve been waiting for the perfect project, and this is it!

Things to keep in mind: This particular scarf is made out of a wool blend fabric. It is not as “giving” as a knit fabric. Remember this when making your cuts. If you want your scarf to wrap around more than once or you want it to be a certain fit, you will need to allow for this in your fabric measurements and cuts.


  • Approximately 1 yard wool blend plaid fabric (see how long the fabric piece is as its longest portion. This will be the total length of the scarf. If it’s not enough for what you are wanting, you’ll either need a new piece of longer fabric or you’ll need to sew additional fabric onto the length)
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread

30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


Open the fabric. The longest side will be the total length of the scarf. Fold the fabric in half at the width that you want. In other words, if your piece of fabric is wide, and you fold the fabric in half, you may notice that the scarf will be way to wide across. If this is the case, fold the fabric in half and adjust to how wide that you want the scarf. Cut any additional fabric off.


With the fabric folded in half and right sides together, insert straight pins to secure the raw edge.

30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


Sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance to form a long tube. Remove straight pins. Cut off any excess fabric from the sewn edge.

30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


Turn the fabric tube right side out. Adjust the tube so that the seam is running down the back middle of the tube.

30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


Fold one opening edge under 1/2 inch. Insert the other raw edge in the folded edge and pin. CAUTION: This step is trickier than it seems! Find what works for you, but be very careful and do not rush this step. I pin one side and then pin the other. I also hold the scarf up and double check it before sewing. Sometimes, it’s still not 100% right, but by taking my time I can usually get it pretty close.


Sew close to the folded edge through all the fabric thicknesses. Check to make sure that the fabric on the other side was caught in the stitches.

30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


You’re now ready to jump in on the latest plaid trend!


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30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


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30 Minute Plaid Infinity Scarf  |  AD


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Are you ready to get Mad for Plaid?


  1. says

    Such a cute scarf! I love the pattern you used too. I’m going to need this for the cold weather coming up, especially at football games. Can’t wait to try making my own. Love it!

  2. Kerry C says

    I love plaid. I am so glad it’s back. I also love scarves. I will have to get my mom to make me one from your directions. I am terrible at sewing. Your scarf looks so warm and fashionable.

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